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    Volunteering can be very rewarding and each volunteer has a unique role here at MiiMi and in our community.
    Bowraville per capita has the most volunteers in NSW, with the community volunteering around 22.1% compared to the state average of 18.1% (ABS 2016).

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       Artwork: © Steven Campbell

MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation always welcomes volunteers on all programs, projects and at MiiMi House.

If you have a fine with Revenue NSW, volunteering at MiiMi House will enable you to ‘work’ off your fine without any financial cost to you.

So come in and talk to one of our friendly staff or call (02) 6564 8855

Donations can be made to:

MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation

90 High Street
New South Wales 2449

Email: admin@miimi.org.au

Telephone: 02 6564 8855

ABN: 62 068 258 709    

ICN: 1894